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Capacity Building

APSDMA has developed an online platform for integrating capacity building initiative in the state. The web based capacity building tool aggregates and compiles training programs/workshops/courses offered by state level agencies as well as national level agencies. This will streamline the otherwise lesser known programs and courses from an array of universities and agencies for the advantage of the general public. The tool will also provide more detailed information regarding the courses, such as dates and timings of the course/training, the venue of the trainings, educational/professional requirements, expectations, applications etc. all of which will be open to the public in a consolidated manner. The capacity building tool is capable of performing training management, financial management, participation management, course content management, report generation and other relevant tasks relate to volunteer management.

Web based capacity building tool aggregates training programs offered by state level agencies as well as national level agencies.

Volunteering Service:

a) Interested volunteers/departmental staff or any other interested personnel can register under capacity building platform and request for participation in training programs offered by APSDMA and training partners

b) Interested experts/professionals can register in capacity building tool if they are willing to offer their service in case of emergency.

c) Institutions/agencies interested to conduct training programs may contact State Disaster Management Authority to register them as a model institution for organizing disaster management training programs.