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National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project

The National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project (NCRMP) is a pioneer project drawn up by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India (GoI) implemented in 13 cyclone-prone coastal States/UTs with the assistance of World Bank.

Project Aim

Phase-I of the NCRMP project has been implemented in the state of Andhra Pradesh since 2011to reduce the vulnerability of coastal communities by addressing the existing gap in dissemination of warning to the communities. The project is supported from the APSDMA main office building and aims to capacity by creating suitable infrastructures to mitigate the effects of cyclones in the states. The project also aims to promote a culture of sustainability through efforts towards conservation of coastal eco-systems. The objective of the project is to strengthen structural and non-structural mitigation measures to reduce the risk and vulnerability of the state which is prone to cyclones.

Components and its Status

  • Component A–Last Mile Connectivity for the dissemination of cyclone warnings and advisories from district/ sub-district level to communities, is implemented by NDMA in consultation with APSDMA
  • Contract for Component A was awarded and Radio Frequency Survey completed. The total sites involved are 265, out of which 213 sites have been identified and 52 sites are to be finalised by state. State Project Implementation Unit have confirmed the expected date of completion of EWDS is by September, 2017.

  • Component B -Construction of physical infrastructures, such as Multipurpose Cyclone Shelters (MPCS), for cyclone risk mitigation is implemented by the state.
  • A total of 125 MPCS, 163 Roads Connecting Shelters, 230 Roads connecting habitations and 21 bridges have been completed.
  • Component C –Technical assistance for capacity building on hazard risk management is implemented by the state
  • Post Disaster Need Assessment Study was completed and all deliverables approved. Finalisation yet to be approved by NIDM Technical Committee.
  • Component D –Project Management and Monitoring applicable to all implementing agencies.