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Satellite Communication

During or post disaster scenario, one of the major difficulties for the response and recovery team to interfere is the lack of communication infrastructure in the affected areas. To ensure redundancy in communication and overcome the communication infrastructure collapse, APSDMA have installed satellite communication facility.

The SDMA have initiated real-time satellite communication using the SBMDV facility which is explained below;

Satellite Based Mobile Data Voice (SBMDV):

Satellite Based Mobile Data Voice is a system used to establish a broadband connection from a remote location to establish instant access to State and District level officials through Voice, Data and Video formats. The emergency communication division of APSDMA uses SBMDV sets to retain connectivity with districts and mandals during emergencies

V-SAT Communication:

Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) system has been established in the SEOC, under the NDMA project, to provide a stand-by facility to directly communicate with relevant districts in case of failure of all other communication options.

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