Flash Updates: Weather Outlook
  • A cyclone is one of the major disaster events and is characterised by a low pressure at the center with the winds spiralling toward the center that finally move upward
  • As the winds move upward the temperature of the moisture laden air parcel cools down (as the temperature of the atmosphere decreases with height up to tropopause).
  • As the air parcel cools down the water vapour condenses in the form of liquid s and rainfall occurs.
  • Energy for the cyclones comes from the ocean in the form of latent heat of energy through evaporation.
  • Hence, most of the cyclones that form over the oceans, dissipate as they cross the land due to lack of energy. If the land is wet due to previous rainfall, cyclones may cross the land and enter from one basin to the other.
  • Cyclones bring nutrient-rich bottom waters to the surface due to which the fish productivity increases.