Flash Updates: Weather Outlook
Heat Wave
  • There is a strong and global scientific consensus that the climate is changing and this change will cause an increase in average global temperatures, as well as the number and intensity of heatwaves. Heat-waves are a significant cause of death and morbidity across the world, and the impacts of heat events are likely to increase due to changing frequency, severity, and intensity of heat-waves caused by climate change
  • India too is feeling the impact of climate change in terms of increased instances of heat waves which are more intense in nature with each passing year, and have a devastating impact on human health thereby increasing the number of heat wave casualties. Heat waves have contributed to more deaths than any other natural disaster in Andhra Pradesh and represent a significant risk to public health.
  • Heat wave action plan of AP adopted two criteria to identify the heat wave affected areas; one based on the criteria suggested by IMD using observed maximum daily temperature and its deviation from normal and second one using a Thermal index computed in combination of temperature and humidity taking the threshold values for heat index based on bio-climatic charts suitable to areas in Andhra Pradesh region.
  • Increased occurrences of summer heat wave conditions in recent years are fettle to the human life. Prior information about the possible heat wave conditions will help in reducing the risk to human life also helps in taking precautionary action, also the government agencies to be vigilant and allow them to plan outreach activities to save the lives of the public.