Flash Updates: Weather Outlook


  • Grow more trees/vegetation as it can hold the soil together
  • Listen to radio/Watch TV/Read newspaper for any alerts.
  • Keep drains clean, weep holes open. Do not change the natural drainage system.
  • Do not place debris, waste or fill material on a steep slope.
  • Watch out for any warning signs such as subsidence of building, cracks on rocks, muddy river water.
  • Do not construct near steep slopes and drainage path.
  • Store emergency supplies of food and water, flashlights, batteries and medicine ready.
  • Keep a ‘disaster kit’ with essential identity documents ready.


  • Ignore rumours. Stay calm. Don’t panic
  • Stay together with your companions
  • Landslide debris moves from uphill to downhill. You should, therefore, avoid lowlying areas or valleys.
  • If you notice any warning signs such as unusual sounds like trees cracking or boulders knocking together
  • Move away from landslip path or downstream valley quickly;
  • Informnearest Tehsil/DistrictHQ/Disaster Management Helpline.


  • Do not touch/walk over loose material and electrical wires or poles
  • Move away from landslip path and downstream valley quickly
  • Check for injured and trapped persons.
  • Do not move an injured person without rendering first aid unless he/she is in immediate danger.
  • Do not drink contaminated water directly from rivers springs, wells, etc.
  • Locate the nearest public shelter
  • Stay away from the slide area. There may be a danger of additional slides.
  • Re-plant damaged ground as soon as possible. Erosion caused by loss of ground cover can lead to flash flooding
  • Stay away from the location until the emergency workers and the experts confirm that it is safe.