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The development objectives of the Andhra Pradesh Disaster Recovery Project are to restore, improve, and enhance resilience of public services, environmental facilities, and livelihoods in targeted communities, and to enhance the capacity of state entities to respond promptly and effectively to a crisis or emergency.

Project Components
  • Resilient electrical network
  • Restoration of connectivity and shelter infrastructure
  • Restoration and protection of beach front
  • Restoration of environmental services facilities and livelihood support
  • Capacity building and Technical assistance for disaster risk management
  • Project implementation support
  • Contingency emergency response
Detailed Project Components :
  • The first component of resilient electrical network objective is to reduce the vulnerability of the city’s electrical network by laying the power distribution system underground.
  • The second component, restoration of connectivity and shelter infrastructure, will finance investments to permanently restore, upgrade, and adapt resilience towards future disasters on roads and cyclone shelters.
    It consists of following two sub-components:
    1. Restoration of rural roads and cyclone shelters; and
    2. Restoration of major district roads
  • The third component, restoration and protection of the beach front will support priority investments along the beachfront of the city of Visakhapatnam.
    It consists of following two sub-components:
    1. Shore protection works; and
    2. Beach front restoration
  • The fourth component, restoration of environmental services and facilities and livelihood support will finance the reconstruction of the severely damaged Indira Gandhi Zoological Park (IGZP) at Visakhapatnam and eco-tourism Park at Kambalakonda wildlife sanctuary.
    It consists of following two sub-components:
    1. Restoration of environmental services and facilities; and
    2. Livelihoods support.

"The fifth component, capacity building and technical support for disaster risk management will support investments to enhance the capabilities of Government of Andhra Pradesh (Govt of AP) entities and other stake holders in managing disaster risks, enhancing preparedness, and achieving resilient recovery.