Flash Updates: Weather Outlook
  •     AapdaMitra scheme was implemented in 2018-19 in Krishna District on pilot basis to train 200 volunteers selected from flood prone mandals.
  •     The scheme has been up scaled by allotting 5400 volunteers from the remaining 12 districts in the State.
  •    The objective is to provide the community volunteers with the skills needed to respond to the community’s immediate needs in the aftermath of a disaster thereby, enabling them to undertake basic relief and rescue tasks during emergency situations such as Heavy Rains, Floods, and Cyclones etc.
  •     MoU on Up scaling of AapdaMitra Scheme with NDMA was signed by the State Government on 14th August, 2021.
  •   Training of community volunteers on Basic Concepts of DM, Disaster Preparedness, basic Search & Rescue, Fire Safety,Flood/Cyclone/Tsunami, Community Based First Aid, Basic Life Support (BLS) & CPR, Nuclear/Chemical,  Landslides, Snake bites & Animal bites etc.