Flash Updates: Weather Outlook
  • APSDMA is in the process of establishing a “Disaster Research Centre (APDRC)” for enhancing science and technology based solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction. The Research Center is backed by Geospatial functionalities with core GIS and RS teams supported by ESRI.
  • Experts from multiple disciplines such as climatology, atmospheric science, hydrology, geology, public health, engineering etc. are collated for domain based analysis. The core GIS Team of APDRC will analyze the data from multiple departments in Andhra Pradesh with field specific inputs from the experts which will enable scientific planning, preparedness and emergency response.
  • APDRC has planned to enter into an active network across different sectors, including higher education, the three tiers of government, nongovernmental organizations, Universities and IITs engaged in Disaster Research etc. APDRC also connects with national or international institutions for specific disasters such as with INCOIS for Tsunami prediction and management, Satish Dhavan Space Centre- ISRO for cyclone related aspects etc.
  • ESRI ArcGIS server based geospatial Laboratory with unlimited license will be the back bone of APDRC. The consortium with multiple agencies for data sharing and risk communication backed by experts from a wide variety of sectors further enables quality and dependable outcomes from APDRC.