Flash Updates: Weather Outlook

  •    CAP is an international standard message format being used globally for exchange, processing and decimation of messages which can be sent to a geographically targeted audience in vernacular language.
  •      NDMA is implementing a CAP based message dissemination platform in India.
  •     Alert generating agencies in India like IMD, CWC currently generate s in non-CAP format and these s are disseminated either directly by the generating agencies or by the State Disaster Management Authorities by various means like SMS, TV, Radio broadcast etc.,
  •    CAP based early warning platform will integrate the generating agencies, authorizing agencies and the disseminating agencies on a common platform.
  •      The early warning platform will offer every generating agency with CAP platform interface where in the ing agency can enter the details.
  •      These s will be visible to the SDMA’s for approval/modifications
  •      Approved s will be pushed to the disseminating agencies for dissemination to the citizens of the specific location where the hazard is likely to occur.
  •      Under CAP time taken to disseminate the s and the efficiency of the dissemination mechanism will be vastly improved. 
  •      All the stakeholders’ especially senior officials managing disasters need to be well acquainted with the CAP technology and its implementation.