Flash Updates: Weather Outlook


  • Keep drains clean - Do not litter waste, plastic bags, plastic bottles in drains.
  • Remainsafe inside - Try to be athome ifhigh tide and heavy rains occur simultaneously.
  • Be informed/be alert - Listen to radio, watch TV or read newspapers for weather updates and flood warnings
  • Survival is key - Prepare an emergency kit with essential items for safety and survival.
  • Keep your documents and valuables in water-proof bags.
  • Do not venture into flood water
  • Do not spread and/ or believe in rumours.


  • Ensure safety - Turn off power and gas connection; be alert for gas leaks.
  • Respond quickly - Evacuate low-lying areas and move to higher places.
  • Evade illness - Drink boiled/chlorinated water.
  • Watch your step - Stay away from sewerage lines, gutters, sharp objects and debris.
  • Don’t get electrocuted - Stay away from electric poles and fallen power lines to avoid electrocution.
  • Don’t walk/swim through flowing water
  • Don’t drive through flooded areas.
  • Don’t eat food that has come into contact with flood water
  • Don’t use any damaged electrical goods.
  • Don’t use electrical equipment while standing on wet floors, especially concrete.